Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not All Birds Can Be Super Models

My mom loves to feed the birds and look at them why they eat. She'll spill a whole bag of bird feed on the back porch and they'll come in flocks to eat. We get a few different types of birds but we see sparrows the most. They come in huge flocks and they aren't afraid to let us watch them eat. Yesterday I counted 20 sparrows eating on the porch all at one was crazy. Anywho, today I happened to look out at the sparrows while they were eating and I noticed a lone chubby sparrow! He really stuck out from the other sparrows eating with him.

At once I thought, "That sparrow sure is chubby! I guess not all birds can be super models!!"
It is a chillier day today and maybe this particular sparrow was puffing up his body for extra warmth or something, but I don't know anything about birds to be sure. If that was the case, why was he the only sparrow in th
e group that was chubby?I guess God created all birds, even of the same breeding, to be different in appearance.
Apparently....Not All Birds Can Be Super Models!

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Kami said...

lol. I think the chubby bird is cute!