Sunday, August 31, 2008

In His Constant Care

With today being the 5th Sunday of the month, we had a special combined Relief Society/ Priesthood lesson. Greg Olsen was our guest speaker today and it was amazing. I had the opportunity to help Greg once when he was buying some dishes for a picture he was painting. I was working at Dillard's at the time. It was a great experience helping him and his wife with their purchase. Today was a different experience for me. Greg had a slide show of his different paintings and he was telling stories of each one. It was interesting to hear the views of the artist. This particular painting is called "In His Constant Care" and it happens to be one of mine and Grant's favorites. I plan on having this picture in my house some day. The story behind this picture wasn't one of the most interesting ones told, but it still has a sweet message. It is kinda hard to see in this picture but Jesus is reaching out to some sparrows on a branch. Greg referenced this scripture from the New Testament, "Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God?" Luke 12:6. I just think it is sweet that even the the smallest creatures are of worth in the Saviors eyes. I love my Savior very much and I know he loves me too!

Monday, August 25, 2008

GBA Bowser Castle 3

GBA Bowser Castle 3 is my favorite Mario Kart race in the whole wide world. I could play it over and over and over again and I would still love it just the same. I had Grant video tape me playing this level in time trial mode. I had 2 practice races on the course before the taping and I made 2 new records for both. I was really nervous for the taping but I ended up making a new record that I can't even beat. I tried to beat it 5 times after we taped it and I still can't beat the record I made on the tape. It surprises me how I can't beat my own record. I will get ahead of my ghost and out of nowhere my ghost zooms past me. What the heck!! I'm just glad that my record was taped. You will see that on the first lap, Mario (Grant's ghost), starts faster than me but I end up passing him soon after the start and I totally obliterate him. Poor Grant...just kidding, "Eat my dust loser!!"

That's My Girl!!

P.S. The clicking sound in the background of the video
is me working my magic on the joystick!

Mario Kart Wii

So I'm totally and completely addicted to Mario Kart Wii! I have to play it everyday. My day is not complete unless I've played some of my Mario Kart. I pretty much play all day on my day off. Pretty sad but I love it so much. I've been playing online with other people from around the world. When you start playing online you automatically get 5000 points and either gain or lose points depending on your winnings or losings. The highest possible points you can earn is 9999 and I'm currently at 9226 (give or take a few). Not only do you earn points, but you have the ability to earn a single, double or triple star rank that will show next to your name while you play online. You earn this star by playing on the normal Grand Prix races in the game (not online). The game determines your overall rank by how well you play against the computers. The worst rank I have seen is a "C" while the best is and triple star. I have diligently been working on getting a triple star rank on all 32 Grand Prix races. I was finally successful last night before bed!! It was quite the celebration!!

Now these 3 stars will show next to my name when I play online!! Feel the fear people!! Some of my favorite characters are Pookie Poo (my mii character) on the Magikruiser....

Birdo on the Mach Bike.....

and my most used character: Rosalina on the Flame Runner!!

Cowboy Up!!

Howdy Partner!! Grant and I are on the Activities Committee in our Branch and we just had our latest activity on Saturday night. If you can't guess, it was a cowboy theme. We had Sloppy Joe's, various types of salads, corn on the cob, root beer and for dessert we had apple and peach cobbler. Mmmm....yummy! After we ate we gave out prizes for best dressed and I won one of the prizes! Yippee Ki Yay!!

We even played some tug-a-war and Grant's team won!! Mine lost :-( So Grant won some mugs full of root beer barrels and peanuts. I won this really nifty gun lighter thingy!! Check it out!!

Can you see the flames? Pretty cool huh?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


For those of you who don't know I work for Macy's in the Womens clothing department. I had my one year anniversary there on August 14, 2008. Where am I going with this? Well..... today I had an interview for a better paying postion with the company and I got the job! I'M SO EXCITED!!!! I will be working in the Womens Shoe Department making commission!! Commission? Don't freak out!! I still get paid my same hourly rate, but I will get paid 3% commission ontop of that. I could be making anywhere from $100+ a paycheck depending on my sales. Christmas is going to be great on the paycheck. This was an answer to our prayers. We might be able to start saving for a house now!!

Zion's National Park

On June 30 , 2008 Grant and I, along with my parents, spent a whole day at Zion's National Park located in St. George Utah. It was so beautiful!! Whoever thought that a National Park would be so much fun? We had a blast going on hikes and wading our feet in the Virgin River. We even enjoyed some of the critters that we saw in the park. Some of them cute and furry and others scaly and scary!! *shivers* These are some pictures of our trip. If you are ever in St. George I highly recommend visiting Zion's National Park!!

Grant: aka Spoonge

Grant is my sweet husband and we have been married almost 4 years now! Kinda crazy to think about it. I feel too young to have been married that long! Grant and I met in our singles ward back in 2003 and started dating almost immediately after we met. We dated a full year before we tied the knot! Grant graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business management at UVSC and currently works as a Management Trainee with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Hopefully it won't be long before he becomes an assistant manager. Keep your fingers crossed! Where did Grant get the nick name Spoonge? Well, Grant loves Spongebob Square Pants on Nick! In our first year of marriage I would talk to him in this annoying high pitched voice (which I still use: my whole family uses it too) and I would put an "ooo" sound in some of my words. So Sponge + "ooo" = Spoonge! Depending on my mood I sometimes call him Spoongeman or Mr. Spoonge! He doesn't seem to mind. Somehow it became a term of endearment! I love my cute little Spoonge! Not that he is small or anything!!!