Monday, June 28, 2010


I started the 4th week of my drawing class today and I turned in my final bathroom composition for classroom critique.
Our first week in the class we had to do 3 ink-mark making compositions. I wasn't exactly sure of the expectations of the assignment and things didn't go so well for me (worst grade in the class so far). My paintings were pinned next to another painting where the artist/student went above and beyond. He actually took the time to get his work framed.
Our teacher grades us on our participation during the critiquing process and so I figured it would be wise to say at least one thing about each painting. I used the word "beautiful" to describe the work that was framed.
Last week, Doug (the artist who frames his work), talked to me during class. He told me that he told his family about me. He told them, "There is this girl in my class that says my work is beautiful. I always aim to get a beautiful critique from her." I told him that I will always give him a beautiful critique. So that same day when we critiqued our work, I gave him another beautiful rating. Some of our classmates overheard us talking about it before class and yelled that he was paying me to say that (meant to be a joke of course) ;-p
Now everyone in the class aims to get a "Beautiful" critique from me.
Today we turned in our bathroom compositions and critiqued them. I added a few more artists to my beautiful category, which made them very proud. Well guess what? My composition received a mutual "Beautiful" critique from the teacher and the class. Everyone was so shocked with my work. I thought my lost and found edges was good but this one received the best critique. I'm so proud that I actually got added to the "beautiful" rating today. I couldn't be happier.

Every one thought I captured the texture of the rug and towel PERFECTLY!!!

My professor was exceptionally pleased with how much hard work and detail was put into my work.

*Slightly different lighting for the same piece*

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bathroom Composition

I'm working on my 5th out of 7 Compositions for my drawing class. Our assignment is to compose a 19"x25" charcoal and graphite drawing of a bathroom from the point of view from the floor. My professor wants us to include at least 4 preliminary (5 minute) sketches of the bathroom so she can see where we got our final inspiration. I've been working on this assignment for the past two days and I'm still not done. Luckily it isn't due until Monday morning and I have some time to continue working on it. This is Preliminary Bathroom Sketch #3

(I've left out the first two sketches since I was just trying to figure out how much I wanted to zoom into the scene)
I was focusing on how I was going to bring in the texture of the bathroom rug.

Preliminary Bathroom Sketch #4

Our final composition will be on light grayish brown paper (not white) and so I wanted to get an idea of what it will be like adding shading and detail to my final compo with the darker background. I took the charcoal stick and rubbed it all over the paper and blended it smooth to get the gray you see. (Keep in mind that these are supposed to be 5 minute sketches)

Preliminary Bathroom Sketch #5

As I was adding the highlight and low light on my 4th sketch I noticed that the tub was shaped wrong. This 5th sketch is me correcting the shape of the tub and rug. I think it looks a little more realistic now.

After the sketches were done I decided to dig into the final composition. That paper is huge and it doesn't fit on my Masonite board very well. It's been quite a conflict since I'm drawing in a bathroom (which isn't very big) and the board alone is about as big as the area I'm drawing in. I'm making due with what I have and the assignment is coming along. I worked on the outline of my final composition all day Wednesday night.

It's really hard to see because I drew the outline very lightly and the paper is gray which doesn't help. I worked on adding the charcoal and graphite to the composition all day yesterday. I'll be sure to post a picture of the finished drawing as soon as it's done. I'm really proud with how well it's looking!!

*Funny Story*

I was scared to add the required charcoal and graphite elements to my page after I finished the outline so I decided to ask my teacher for another piece of gray paper to practice on. So in class yesterday I asked her if I could have another piece and her response, "Oh I see! Well this paper is very's about $5 a piece. If you make a mistake you just have to deal with it. That's what being an artist is all about." My response to that, "So I can't have another sheet?" Her, "No!" It was funny you just had to be there. She's this tiny old Japanese lady with a cute accent.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Lost And Found Edges

I'm taking this drawing class over the summer that is unfortunately required for my Interior Design degree. I've never been good at drawing, nor have I ever enjoyed drawing other than some simple doodles. Luckily this class is only 6 weeks and I have 2 weeks done....only 4 more to go. I've really struggled in this class and I'm by far the worst. Most of the students in the class have been drawing for years and taken art classes in Middle School and High School. There is definitely some real talent in the class. It's hard for me not to compare my work with these real artists but I just keep trying to do my best. Luckily the teacher grades us on our individual progress. So far my favorite medium we've used in the class is charcoal. My last assignment was to do a lost and found edges drawing using charcoal and eraser. I shocked myself when I was done with this assignment. I was actually worried that the class and the teacher would think that someone else did the drawing for me. Every time we turn in a homework assignment we critique the work as a class. After the critique of the drawing we reveal who the artist was.

My critique was awesome! Everyone thought my shading was amazing and that the cup looked like they could actually pick it up and use it. I couldn't have been more proud with the results of this assignment. When I revealed myself as the artist the teacher was amazed. She told me that this drawing was truly my best work in this class so far. I just wish some of my other work would turn out this well.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

August It Is

Brandon and I spoke today and I was FINALLY able to get that boy to give me an idea of when he'll come down to Houston.
"It'll have to be August," was his response!
So now I can stop stressing about an unexpected visit and start planning for a great time.