Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Making Things Grow

I've never had a green thumb, and any plant I've ever had has died because of my inability to keep them alive.

For the past couple of months my mother has been working hard on her curb appeal. She's painted the porch and landscaped the yards. My mother asked me if I would water all her plants while she was in Pennsylvania visiting her family. I reluctantly agreed to water her plants since she was going to be away for almost a month. So...for the past two weeks I've been diligently watering the lawn by following the instructions from my mother.

I'm honestly very proud of myself for my hard work on the lawn. It's amazing how just a little water and some sunshine will help some of those plants grow. I'm especially proud of the elephant ears because they have grown the most in the past two weeks. When my mother left, there was only one elephant ear. Now, there are about 8 new ones that have popped out of the ground and started growing. I'm excited to see my elephant ears every morning when I water them.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Straight "A's"

My last day of school for Spring Semester 2011 was last Tuesday! I was thrilled when this semester finally came to an end. I enjoyed my classes this spring and I made some friends but DANG.....this was the toughest semester of college I've encountered thus far. This semester nearly killed me with all the reading, studying, researching, and writing that was involved. My psychology professor was the hardest professor you could get in the department and I literally worked my butt off.

My grades were posted today and I'm proud to announce that I got:

Technical Drawing: A

General Psychology: A

Public Speaking: A

It was an absolutely amazing feeling to get straight A's for my third semester in a row.


My highest grade in this class was a 95 which was from my research paper on Narcissistic Personality Disorder. My lowest grade was a 90, and I have no idea what I received on my final exam....but it really doesn't matter at this point because I got my HARD EARNED A!!!

Public Speaking

I gave a total of 5 speeches in this class and I can honestly say that I improved GREATLY with each speech that I gave. My first speech received a 98 (I lost two points for holding my visual aids and note cards with two hands...lame). My second speech received a 97 (I lost two points for pacing around too much, and I lost 1 point for writing my outline in the incorrect format...lame). I decided to learn from my previous mistakes and I'm happy to say that I got a 100 on each of my last three speeches!!! Woo Hoo!! My professor asked me on the last day of class if I would join the debate team in the fall....I unfortunately declined, but at least I know I'm a good speaker now!!!


I was scared to tears when I left this class on my first day back in February. My original class had been dropped and I had no other options than to take this class with the hard professor. I had heard horror stories about the professor and several of my classmates dropped her class after the first day. I decided that I could do anything if I put my mind and heart to it....AND I SUCCEEDED!!! I had to work really hard but by the end of the semester I absolutely loved my professor and I wish I could have her teach me the rest of the Interior Design classes in the program. My teacher loved me and she praised my work constantly. She told the class that my work was exceptional!!

My secret for getting straight A's: There are no secrets....I'm PERFECT!! LOL

(just do the best you can and take the time for perfection)

Yeah for school being over but boo that my jobs are scheduling me like crazy again!! I do need the money though :)