Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blood Vessel Burst

On Saturday August 20, 2011 I had a blood vessel burst in my eye!!!! I've never had that happen to me EVER!!! I was scared out of my mind when I noticed the blood spot while I was at work Saturday. My boss tried to calm me down by telling me that I was fine and that the blood spot would go away. I actually took this picture just a few minutes ago and the redness is actually getting MUCH better. I was getting really worried there for a few days when the spot spread into a whole section. I think all the redness should be gone by the end of the week though. If you really want to get grossed out, google "blood vessel burst in eye" and you'll see some pretty nasty stuff. Luckily my eye never got as bad as some of the eyes I googled.....NASTY!! (shivers running down my spine)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So I think I'm kinda a mom bought the Third Season of Dallas from Half Price Books about a month ago!!! I thought she was a dork for buying the stupid show. She told me that the store didn't have the first two seasons but she decided to buy it anyway. I went ahead and let her watch the first episode while we started a game of Phase 10 together. I was shocked when I actually got involved with the show and the characters. I've become addicted to this Soap Opera from the 70's. My parent's went out of town last Saturday and I've continued to watch the series without them because it's become so addictive. I was extremely depressed when I put in the last disk last night only to discover that it was the last episode of the season as well. I happened to get a phone call from my mom while I was watching the season finale and my mom told me that the episode I was watching was the most epic episode of the entire series. It sure was a big one with a lot of things happening.....mmmm!! I just had to buy seasons one and two today from Amazon. I can't wait until they arrive, but I'm actually more anxious to watch season four so I can find out who shot J.R. Ewing!!! Oops...I spoiled the show for you!!!! Nah, most of you probably won't get around to watching the show anyway. It was kinda funny because I was watching an episode of Friends on my lunch break today and Chandler was watching the season finale of Dallas. All you could hear were gun shots and then Chandler exclaims, "Who shot J.R? Who shot J.R?" I laughed my booty off because I was saying the same thing in my head last night. I wouldn't have had a clue what Chandler was talking about if I hadn't watched the show!! Anyways....I've become a Dallas fan and I can't wait to see the first two seansons when they come. Yeah!!!!! ;)