Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Hunt Is On

Now that I'm obsessed with Ren from the Tiger's Curse, I've decided to find the perfect actor to play the part if the book was ever made into a movie!  
Honestly, Ben Barnes is who I personally envision as Ren when I'm reading the book.
Just imagine he has cobalt blue eyes've got Ren!!!  
However, Mr. Barnes IS NOT INDIAN!!!  :'(
Sooooo the hunt is on to find the perfect Bollywood actor for the part.  I've found a few possibilities!!  Let's check them out, shall we?  You can cast your vote in the comments section.

 I already know which one is going to be my Ren!  Who do you like?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happenings Of Late Part II: Utah Vacation

My niece, Kaelynn, got baptized 2 weeks ago yesterday!!  She asked me personally if I would come to Utah for her baptism.  After that, I couldn't refuse and I made sure that I would be there for her.  I was able to get 5 days off work and so I headed to Utah for a mini vacation.  My sister kept us busy from the moment I landed, but I enjoyed every minute of my time with family.  My older brother that lives in Dallas got the same days off that I did, and so we were able to travel together.  It was really nice being able to be together as a family with all four of us kids and our parents.  I'm going to try and take more time off work so I can spend more time with family in the future.  My first day there we went directly to Tooele to visit my grandparents for a few hours.  After our visit we headed to Park City to spend the night in my sister's in-laws' cabin up in the mountains.  We spent the majority of the next day in Park City just chillin and talking.  We went for a walk to Olympic Park to see the bobsled run and the ski jump. 

 I enjoyed our little tour immensely because my whole family really gets into the Olympics when they are going on.  I also enjoyed some beautiful scenery and even some wildlife!

The very next morning, Saturday May 5, 2012, Kaelynn was baptized!  We went out to eat at Kneaders after the baptism and relaxed most of the afternoon before all us adults went to Thanksgiving Point to see the Avengers.  My sister has a membership at Thanksgiving Point and she had 2 free tickets to see the Thanksgiving Point Gardens.  She let my little brother and me use her free passes and the three of us went to see the beautiful gardens.  The Tulip Festival is over but there were plenty of tulips still and it was beautiful.  I'm surprised that I never went to the Tulip Festival when I lived there.  Here are some pics from the gardens.  

 I thoroughly enjoyed the Avengers but I wish they had spent more time fighting the bad guys than fighting each other at the beginning.  
Go Captain America!!!
I'm sad that my trip was cut short but I can't afford to take off too much time from work.  I hope that next time I can take off at least a week.  
Last but not sister bought a dog around Easter time and I REALLY want one!!!

 Meet Bella, a Havanese!!!  I loved this sweet dog so much that I'm determined to get one of my own as soon as I'm in a living situation where I can have one!!  I miss Bella so much!!
Overall I had a wonderful trip and I realized how much I really miss the Beautiful State of Utah!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tiger's Curse

  Tiger's Curse By: Colleen Houck

This book definitely goes into my group of one of my favorite books ever!  This book is another romance story....go figure, right?  The story combines romance and adventure and maybe some other stuff which makes it a wonderful and enjoyable read.  I was starting to get annoyed with all the love stories out there about vampires and werewolves and so this was a PLEASANT change.  I loved how the majority of the story took place in India.  I took a History of Interiors course in school last fall and we learned a little about the architecture and furniture styles in India.  I actually ended up doing my final project for the class on India.  Anyways, I was able to visualize the different types of Hindu Temples found throughout India while I was reading her descriptions.  

I think that my studies of India during the fall really helped me to appreciate the characters' surroundings in this book.  I'm even more fascinated with India after reading this book.  I loved almost every part of the entire story.  The main character was starting to get on my nerves in the last few chapters just because she was acting like a stupid girl and I wanted to smack her around a bit.  However the main guy, Ren, is now officially up there with Mr. Darcy and Mr. Rochester on my list of men that I love!!!  Ren is AWESOME and I wish he was mine!!!  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Job Promotion

This morning when I got to work, my boss told me that she had something she needed to talk to me about.  I was a little nervous as usual when management wants to talk.  She told me in a few weeks she would have a supervisor position available that she really wanted to give to me.  She asked me if I would take the position and without even thinking about it I accepted.  I'll be working more hours and making a little more money which is always good.  Plus I'll probably get some benefits now!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happenings Of Late Part I: Recent Reads

I've been REALLY busy since the last time I posted anything  in my blog, and so I'm going to have to post in segments till I can get to the current news.  Part I is dedicated to the two books I've recently finished reading.  

This was the final book in the Shiver series by Maggie Stiefvater.  Did I love the series?  Not overly!  Did I hate the series?  Not exactly!  It wasn't my favorite love story ever but I didn't think it was horrible.  I wasn't exactly fond of how the story ended and I didn't feel a sense of closure with the story and the characters.   For me, I felt the the story was left open and I'm not exactly sure if there will be another book to the series or not.  If there is another book coming, great!  If not....not the best ending for the series, I think.  I still like how the author switches between each characters' point of view though.  I think that there was a bit too much swearing in the book and the all the characters were severely dysfunctional.  Did I feel the series was a waste of my time?  No.  It was still an enjoyable series but it didn't end the way I would have liked it to.  

The Healer's Apprentice
One of my dearest friends, Kami, read this book earlier this year and did a review of it in her book blog.  I enjoyed reading her review and it sounded like my kind of story!!  Lucky for me I was able to find a free download of the book for my iBooks app!!  
I never wanted to put it down because I loved the love story.  I'm crazy for mushy love stories and so this was definitely my cup of tea.  Was the story written a little juvenile? Maybe a little!  Did I get a little annoyed with all the religious stuff?  Yes...I think the author went a little overboard with all the religious prayers and stuff.  After I read the book, I read a little about the author and discovered that she writes Christian stories.  I'm a religious person but it was a little overkill.  Did it stop me from enjoying the book?  Not one single bit.  To be honest, I kinda had the plot figured out early on in the story but it definitely had a happy ending.  Would I recommend this book?  

I'm about half way through the next book I started reading but I won't reveal anything until I'm finished reading!