Monday, October 25, 2010

Let's Keep 'Em Comin

I had my furniture test tonight for my Interior Design class. I had such a busy weekend full of work that I wasn't in the mood, AT ALL, to study for it last night. I forced myself to look over a few things but I spent maybe 15 minutes max on studying. I'm proud to announce that I got yet another 100. I hope I can keep this up because I would love to get all 100's this semester...wouldn't that be awesome?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nasty Wart

I've had this wart under one of my finger nails for probably 2 years, I want to say. It never really bothered me because it was so small and my nail was always long enough to cover and hide the nasty thing. I figured I'd take care of the wart eventually and so I just left it alone. A little over a week ago I noticed that the stupid thing was turning black. I really got freaked out by my wart and decided it was time to remove it. I went to Walmart to buy some Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away and started reading the instructions. The labels kept saying over and over NOT to use this product unless you were absolutely certain that what you had was a common or planters wart. Since my wart had turned black I wasn't sure if it was considered a common wart. I decided to do some research before I removed it personally. I googled discolored warts and the first article that popped up said, "Do not remove discolored warts yourself. Go to the doctor immediately because your wart may be cancerous!!"
WTF??? Did I have cancer on my finger?
I was so disturbed by this article that I called my mom, who was visiting relatives in Pennsylvania at the time, and decided to get her opinion. The moment I mentioned my wart turning black my mom freaked out even more than I had originally. Just that day in church a woman had bore her testimony about a nephew she had that died because he had a wart on his neck that turned black and he never got it checked out until it was too late.
Now we were both freaking out and thinking that I was going to die over a cancerous spec on my tiny finger. Last Wednesday I went to my doctor immediately to get it looked at. The nurse that was taking my blood pressure told me that my blood pressure was too high and asked if I was nervous. In my head I was thinking, "Duh!!! I have cancer!! Of course I'm nervous!" The doctor looked at my spec with special magnifying classes (it was really small) and it turns out it wasn't cancerous!!! Phew was right!!! He told me it was ugly and that we should just freeze it off. I gave him the go ahead to remove that sucker. I've never had a wart frozen off before and he warned me that it was going to hurt. I was so scared but for any of you that have never had a wart frozen either, it didn't hurt AT ALL!!! I felt a brief sting and nothing more. The next couple of days after he applied the liquid nitrogen a small blister formed around the wart. At first the skin was rough but the blister and wart did eventually start to feel tender. Nothing horrible to experience. Earlier this week, probably about Monday evening, I noticed that my wart was smaller and starting to shrivel up. By the time I got home from class it had finally fallen off!!!! Yeah!! Now I'm wart free and my hand looks sexy again!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Did It!!!!

There it is folks!!! My PERFECT 110!!! I was confident that I had done it, and I did do it!!!
When my professor walked into class this morning she announced to the class,
"Something happened that has never happened before! A student from this class got a perfect 110! I've never had a student get a perfect score on a test before. This student took the information she was given and I'm proud of them!"
She waited till the end of class to give us our tests back and the whole time I was hoping that I was the student that got the 110!
Sure enough I was!!! The teacher gave me the test and told me, "You're the first girlfriend! Congratulations!"
I'm so proud of myself. I thought I was going to fail this class at the beginning of the semester. I couldn't even remember how to foil when I started this class. 7 1/2 years is a long time to not be doing math. I'm just so happy that everything I'm learning is coming back to me. I tried to convince my teacher to give me some sort of reward toward my final exam for being her first student to get a perfect test score. She only laughed and told me that I was already getting two 110's out of my 4 tests!
*Test Policy: Our highest test score replaces our lowest test score of the semester*
(Ex: 90, 80, 70, 50 will equal 90, 80, 70, 90)
So no matter what I get on my third and fourth test, I already have two 110's!!
I was on a cloud all day and I couldn't be happier. I even put my test on the fridge like a giddy school girl!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Two 100's

So far this semester I've gotten a 100 on EVERYTHING I've turned in!!
I knew that I was getting both my Interior Design projects turned back tonight and I was worried that my 100 streak was going to end. I'm proud to announce that I got a 100 on each one!!! Yeah!!! I thought the teacher was going to grade a whole lot tougher than she did!! I'm relieved to know that she doesn't grade as hard as I was thinking.
Tomorrow I'll get my college algebra test back and I'm hoping to get another 100....we shall see.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Carlos!!

Today is Carlos' 30th Birthday!!
I still consider him to be one of my best friends and I'll always love this man!!
Happy Birthday Carlos!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Concept Board

I know that I already made a post today (not too long ago actually) but I totally forgot to post my project that was turned in on Wednesday for my Interior Design class. So here goes....

The Miller's Family Room

The Miller's are a small family consisting of a husband and wife with two young children. Their daughter is 8 and loves to play soccer while their son is a 6 year old Einstein. The family loves to spend time together watching movies, playing wii games and even some board games. Mr. and Mrs. Miller love to entertain and often have friends over for parties in the evenings. They spend most of their time in their family room that is open to their kitchen. They wanted our team to design a Modern Style Family Room that suited their needs. Since modern design consists of mostly clean lines, we chose furniture that has just that; clean lines and very minimalistic. For the floor we went with pre-finished zebra wood since they used zebra wood in the kitchen and we wanted to extend it into the family room as well. To break up some of the monotony with the zebra wood, we placed a fuzzy white area rug under the sectional and coffee table. The rug added some softness to the space but also some texture and personality. We chose a sectional with a chaise and upholstered it in black leather. The black sofa would be a nice contrast from the white rug but would also bring out the black in the zebra wood. For the coffee table we chose a flat and square shaped table with a shiny black finish. The coffee table came with 4 storage ottomans that hide under the table when not in use but provide extra seating for Mr. and Mrs. Miller's parties. Because the Miller's love to play games as a family we made a game area in the room. We bought a round game table in the same shiny black finish as the coffee table. We chose 4 high back chairs, also in black, to go around the game table. Our color scheme for the room stemmed from the zebra wood flooring. We wanted the majority of the room and its furnishings to be black and white. To add a little contrast we painted the walls a light gray which would be complimentary to the black and white in the floor. We wanted the fireplace wall to be the focal point of the room so we painted it a slightly darker shade of gray. We didn't design a mantle for the fireplace since that would be more traditional than modern, but we designed a fireplace facade that would stick out a little further from the fireplace wall itself. We chose to paint the facade a rich shade of plum. To bring in some color to the room we upholstered throw pillows in a rich plum fabric and a brighter and lighter shade of purple. We used the same material to upholster the ottomans; 2 in plum and 2 in the lighter purple. We also added some white throw pillows to the sofa so the purple pillows wouldn't get lost on the black leather. To brighten up the game table side of the room, we upholstered all 4 chairs with the lighter purple fabric that was used on the pillows and ottomans. The entire wall to the left of the game table is a floor to ceiling window. We didn't want to use blinds in our design so we chose floor to ceiling sheer white draperies to provide the Miller's with some privacy. The sheers added a delicate, soft, simple and modern feel to the room. Where are the Miller's going to store all the games that they love to play as a family? All the games can't possibly fit in the ottomans, can they? Of course not! We designed custom built in drawers on both sides of the fireplace wall. The drawers are waist high (for an average adult) and finished in a high gloss white. The white contrasts nicely with the gray walls and blends perfectly with the rest of the white decor. Above the storage drawers on the right of the fireplace we mounted floating shelves, painted in plum, to house pictures and other knick knacks. Above the storage drawers on the left side of the fireplace we mounted artwork that we had the Miller children draw. We wanted the family to add a little personal touch to their family room. How can they have a family room with no TV? Ha...I saved the best for last. We mounted a 50'' flat screen above the fireplace facade. The TV swivels so you can watch it from anywhere in the room. Whether they are watching from the sofa or watching from the game table, it swivels for their convenience. We also left some space in the room, on the game table side, for playing extreme sports such as wii tennis, bowling and baseball ;-p

I hope you enjoyed my teams design for the Miller's Family Room. We sure had a great time coming up with what we presented to them.

*In case you are wondering: The Miller's are a fictional family that we made up for the design. We had to come up with a client so we could design a room that met their needs*

I Think I Did It

I took my Algebra test yesterday and I think I might have gotten the perfect grade I was working so hard for. Of course I won't know for sure until after class on Tuesday but I feel confident that I'm going to see a "lovely" grade on that test. There is always the possibility that I made some stupid errors BUT I really did feel good about all my answers when I turned in my test. If it isn't a "perfect" there is no possible way that I won't get at least an "A" on it. I'll feel really stupid if I have to post on my blog that I failed miserably but I don't think that will happen. It may not be a 110 but I'm optimistic that it possibly could be. :-)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Too Much Algebra

My next College Algebra test is in two days and I spent almost my entire weekend studying and preparing for this test. Can I just say the my brain hurts? Cause it does!! I don't think that I can look at another graph, equation, or form at all. My brain can't even focus anymore. I think I'll take a break and not look at another problem till tomorrow!! I think my brain is trying to tell me to take a break from math for awhile. I'm pretty confident about this material and so I think I should just rest and relax. I don't want to go into algebra overload!!
PS: Can anyone tell me what form is shown in the picture above?
It's the slope intercept form....math overload!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Where Am I Supposed To Be?

Where is "here" exactly?
Atlanta, GA that's where!!
Yes, I was supposed to go to Atlanta to visit Brandon this weekend!
Did it happen?
We've been planning this trip since August 21. Well, last Thursday on the 30th, he contacted me and told me that he unexpectedly needed to take his dog to the vet and that he wouldn't have enough money to buy my plane ticket. I offered to pay for half the ticket (even though I didn't have the money) and he said, "NOOOO, NOOOO, NO" to that. He told me that we would figure something else out and that I needed to save my money for school (which is true). We're both bummed by this outcome but I can't be mad. Unexpected expenses happen all the time....I'm learning that the hard way.
I was really looking forward to seeing him and getting out for a bit. I've done nothing for myself all year. My daily routine is school, work, study, work, study, school....etc!!!
On the positive side of things: I have an Algebra test next week and now I have a full 3 days off both jobs for studying!!! I've been doing math for the past 5 hours straight. Sheesh! I'll do some more tomorrow I guess.
I just hope that Brandon and I will be able to get together again before too long!

Friday, October 8, 2010


I've been looking at my checking account statement today and I was interested in calculating the costs I've put into this semester. To my astonishment I just discovered that I've spent exactly $554.00 on books and supplies for my two classes so far. I'm curious as to how much I will spend in total before the semester is over. No wonder I'm broke!!!! I'm hoping not to have to spend too much more.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Principles and Elements of Design

I thought I would share some photos of my Principles and Elements Notebook. The quality of the pictures isn't that great because I used my camera phone but at least you can kind of get an idea.

There are several principles and elements of design. As you can see my notebook is pretty thick! I was just barely able to fit them all in the 1 1/2 inch binder I bought. Because there are so many I thought I would pick a few of my favorites.
Scale: The first Principle of Design. Scale deals with the size of the room. Is the room large or small? Is the furniture in the room too big for the size of the room? Is the furniture in the room too small for the size of the room? If you can see my picture, the room is very large and the furniture chosen for the space is also large. All the wall art is large in scale which matches the architectural scale of the room.
Repetition: Stems from Rhythm which is a Principle of Design. Repetition is a repeating rhythm of similar characteristics. The picture I chose showcases repetition in the legs of the furniture. All the legs have the same curve and claw base.

Massing: Stems from Emphasis which is a Principle of Design. Massing is a grouping of similar objects. I hope you can see the massing of MANY taxidermy deer heads on the wall. Hello? A bit much in my opinion. (picture actually extended into another page...that's a lot of death in one room ;-p)

Small Curved: Lines are an Element of Design. In this picture the archway above the bed has a small curve.

Stylized Pattern: An Element of Design. The blue color in the upholstered dinning room chairs matches the blue in the area rug below. The wood cabinetry matches the wood color in the ceiling. The curve of the chair legs is seen in the ceiling with the curve of the beams. The overall pattern in the this room flows with one another making this room stylized.

Most designs are going to be made of more than one principle and element of design. You probably can't see this picture very well but there are several principles and elements found in this room. The beams in the ceiling show off some horizontal lines making the room look wider and taller. The exposed rock and brick walls have a naturalistic pattern and the wall art in the center has an isolated emphasis for that wall. If the quality of this picture were better I could show you some more principles and elements.

I hope you enjoyed my project. I don't know what my grade for it is yet....but it better be a juicy "A" for all I went through getting it done.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sweet Relief

I FINALLY finished my Principles and Elements of Design Notebook for my Interior Design class. I was beginning to think this project would never get done. I already announced that my parents computer needed to be rebooted last week and that I had to start over on everything. I started rewriting everything on Wednesday and I thought it would be wise to email myself a copy of the finished analysis'. However, when my dad was trying to get some help fixing the computer, we lost our Internet connection and I couldn't get online to email myself my project for safe keeping.
*I wanted to scream*
I was scared to death that the computer would mess up again and I would lose my project and have to start over a third time. Wednesday night I asked my dad if he knew anything about the status of our printer. He couldn't get online to check the tracking number.
While I was at school on Thursday, my dad called me to tell me that we should have received the printer 8 days earlier. We looked on the calendar and discovered that my mom was in Dallas that day visiting my brother and both my dad and myself were at work that day. Turns out the printer was left on the front porch and most likely stolen. My dad told me that he wasn't going to buy another printer.
I had yet another heated conversation with my dad about the importance of owning working technology. I then asked my dad if he would print my papers at work.
He said NO!!! 61 pages was too much for him to be printing on his company printer.
You want to know what my dad said to me after he declined to print the papers?
He told me to contact my teacher and tell her that I was having computer and printer problems and that I wouldn't be able to turn my project in on time.
Was he really serious?
I told him that NO college professor would care about my computer and printer problems. She would tell me to find a working computer and printer and get my project done.
I finally contacted my good friend (Thanks were a life saver) and asked if I could print my project at her place.
I was finally able to print my papers and get my P&E Notebook all assembled!!!
It's DONE and it looks fabulous. I'm finally able to relax and have good night sleeps. I hope I don't have anymore computer problems for the rest of the semester!!
*Fingers crossed*