Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nasty Wart

I've had this wart under one of my finger nails for probably 2 years, I want to say. It never really bothered me because it was so small and my nail was always long enough to cover and hide the nasty thing. I figured I'd take care of the wart eventually and so I just left it alone. A little over a week ago I noticed that the stupid thing was turning black. I really got freaked out by my wart and decided it was time to remove it. I went to Walmart to buy some Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away and started reading the instructions. The labels kept saying over and over NOT to use this product unless you were absolutely certain that what you had was a common or planters wart. Since my wart had turned black I wasn't sure if it was considered a common wart. I decided to do some research before I removed it personally. I googled discolored warts and the first article that popped up said, "Do not remove discolored warts yourself. Go to the doctor immediately because your wart may be cancerous!!"
WTF??? Did I have cancer on my finger?
I was so disturbed by this article that I called my mom, who was visiting relatives in Pennsylvania at the time, and decided to get her opinion. The moment I mentioned my wart turning black my mom freaked out even more than I had originally. Just that day in church a woman had bore her testimony about a nephew she had that died because he had a wart on his neck that turned black and he never got it checked out until it was too late.
Now we were both freaking out and thinking that I was going to die over a cancerous spec on my tiny finger. Last Wednesday I went to my doctor immediately to get it looked at. The nurse that was taking my blood pressure told me that my blood pressure was too high and asked if I was nervous. In my head I was thinking, "Duh!!! I have cancer!! Of course I'm nervous!" The doctor looked at my spec with special magnifying classes (it was really small) and it turns out it wasn't cancerous!!! Phew was right!!! He told me it was ugly and that we should just freeze it off. I gave him the go ahead to remove that sucker. I've never had a wart frozen off before and he warned me that it was going to hurt. I was so scared but for any of you that have never had a wart frozen either, it didn't hurt AT ALL!!! I felt a brief sting and nothing more. The next couple of days after he applied the liquid nitrogen a small blister formed around the wart. At first the skin was rough but the blister and wart did eventually start to feel tender. Nothing horrible to experience. Earlier this week, probably about Monday evening, I noticed that my wart was smaller and starting to shrivel up. By the time I got home from class it had finally fallen off!!!! Yeah!! Now I'm wart free and my hand looks sexy again!!!


Kami said...

Scary, but at least you gotten it taken care of. I'm glad you don't have cancer! You were scaring me there for a second.

Melanie said...

woah, freaky, glad it wasn't cancerous! I've had one on my toe for probably 8 years now, I've tried freezing it a few times, but it's deep in there and freezing isn't effective for it. Oh well. I may just live with it forever!