Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

So Grant and I are on the Activities Committee at church and we had our Halloween Party last weekend. My in-laws let us borrow their hippie costumes and I think they turned out pretty good on us!
There's the happy Couple!
So the jacket was a little big on me but I wore it anyway because Grant told me it looked fine.
So I think my husband is a handsome man......but I don't think he makes an attractive hippie! Sorry baby!
*Love you*
Me on the other hand....I think I look alright! I loved the hair. That was the best part of the costume. I loved the color and everything. People thought that it was my real hair! Maybe I should go red next time I get my hair done.....
We ate chili and drank apple cider for dinner and for dessert we had a donut eating contest.
Donuts on a string! No hands! The guy in the middle won!These are some cute decorations that the head committee lady did. She is so creative. I took some close up shots of some of the vegetable faces. I have no idea what type of vegetable this is but it was huge and it was real! Right out of the garden too!
This one is a snake!
This girl won the best costume prize!
She bought this kimono from Japan. It was gorgeous. She looks kinda funky in this picture but she looked great that evening in person!

So not that many people came but we had good food and some fun!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Party

On Friday October 24, 2008 Grant and I went to a Halloween Party at one of our friends houses. They do a party every year and I have only been able to go to some of them. This year I was able to go. It is always fun to see friends and family especially when most dress up. My mom was never into the whole costume thing so I was a ballerina EVERY YEAR!!!! (I was a ballerina for years and had old recital costumes to wear for Halloween). As an adult I have a HUGE desire to dress up but everything is so skanky or cheap looking. Plus I'm really picky and I want to look fabulous so I just don't dress up. My in-laws have some stuff in storage so Grant and I raided their stuff and came up with this........
Grant found this ugly mask and orange wig! Tah Dah!! And I found a pink sombrero that was Grant's little sisters when she was about 5. I thought it fit pretty good. Me and my peanut head!
Here is the host family: Justin and Jenny Furr and their two sons Michael and Wesley. I loved the whole Renaissance theme. Wesley was a dragon and Michael was a knight. Michael didn't want to wear his armor but I was able to take a quick picture of him while he was wearing it.
So cute! Jenny is so creative!

My in-laws are pretty sexy as hippies!! They won the best dressed couple prize!

Hot Rocker Chick!!!
Corinne is my mother-in-laws bff! She had these really long glittery eyelashes! You can't see them in the picture but they were hot!
Jenny found this board and had the great idea to make these ghosts!
It was a fun party and I plan to dress up next year.

Monday, October 27, 2008


On Saturday October 18, 2008 I went to Witch-A-Palooza with my husband, sister and her husband. It was a night full of Halloweenish entertainment and music. We ate a chicken dinner and watched the Gardner Village witches sing and play!
Grant and me!
*Cute couple*
My sister, Becky, and her sweet hubby Brenn.
Becky being goofy with the bread.
Me posing for the camera!
The stage.
The table centerpiece!
We were at a table with 5 or 6 other ladies that all dressed up in witch costumes. They were really loud and crazy but really nice. We were a little worried that they would get carried away because most of them ordered alcoholic drinks but they surprisingly remained calm!
Sisters....sisters.....there were never such devoted sisters.....
After the food and entertainment we went for a short walk through Gardner Village to see some of the Halloween decorations!
It was a fun evening and I enjoyed spending some time out with my sister and the hubbies. Next year we want to go to a Murder Mystery Dinner!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy 4th Honey!

Today Grant and I celebrated our 4th year Wedding Anniversary. We are trying to save money so we decided to have a pretty inexpensive anniversary this year. We started off the day by giving each other gifts.
Grant bought me Rockband but we have been playing it for a few weeks now. He didn't have anywhere to hide it and he knew I would figure it out when I looked at our bank statement online.
I bought Grant a shirt and tie to wear to work and the first Onimusha for PS2. This game came out in 2001 and Grant owned it before we got married but......... I kinda let some guy borrow it when I worked at Dillard's and he never gave it back. I felt terrible b/c this is Grant's favorite Onimusha out of all 4 of them. I've been looking online for this game and I finally was able to find a brand new one at a really good price. Grant is excited to have a copy of this game again!
*Love You*

I went to get my hair done today not knowing what I wanted done. I just let my hair dresser do whatever she wanted. She was excited. She decided to cut my hair like Jenny McCarthy!
Only I wasn't daring enough to go that short.
So....similar but a little longer!
After my hair appointment Grant and I decided to see a horror movie. To get into the Halloween spirit we picked Quarantine! It was pretty good and kinda scary.
Not very romantic, I know, but I wanted to make Grant happy too!

The rest of my blog is some engagement pictures and other pics from our beloved Wedding day!
Love you Honey!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


On Sunday Grant and I went to have dinner with some friends. We decorated Halloween cookies for our fun activity and dessert. I didn't have my camera with me but I took some pictures of Grants and my best cookies when we got home. We each decorated several cookies but my pride is in my Tiger Cat Cookie.
I feel that my cookies didn't get enough praise. I'm no professional cookie or cake decorator but I think this cooking is dang good!

*Thank you Kami for complimenting my cookie on your blog. I really appreciated that!*

This is Grant's house cookie. He worked really hard combining colors into the frosting to get this dark brown (almost black) color for his house. He even landscaped the lawn with pumpkins.
*Great job honey!*

Sunday, October 12, 2008


As I was leaving to go to church this morning I discovered little white dippin dots covering the grass. I'm sad. I'm not ready for snow. We totally skipped Autumn this year. Just when the leaves were starting to change color the snow has to cover them all and kill them.

I grew up in Houston, Texas where it never snows. The one year it snowed the snow melted before it even hit the ground. I was in elementary school and I remember all the teachers letting us go outside and play before it stopped snowing. It was super awesome.

I was so excited when I moved to Utah 5 years ago just for the snow. It was awesome having a real "White Christmas" for a change. In my first winter in Utah I rapidly grew to hate the snow at the commencement of the winter season. Snow is very serene and picturesque, but very treacherous and daunting to drive in. Even after 4 winters here I'm still scared to death of driving in the snow. I'm the person driving at a snail's pace in the slow lane all winter long.

Snow wouldn't be that bad if it only lasted about 3 months instead of 8 some years. I guess Grant and I will need to move somewhere that enjoys all 4 seasons.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Last night Grant and I went to Boondocks for a company dinner and some fun. Grant's work was doing a fundraiser for United Way. We donated some money in hopes of winning some prizes from the drawings. We didn't win anything but we still had some fun. We played some arcade games resulting in 68 tickets earned.
One of the games we played was House of the Dead 4.

I wanted to get a cute little stuffed animal with our tickets but we were short about 500 tickets. Instead we got some Airheads (candy) and some Smarties.

We raced on the Go-Carts and did some laser tag before we went home. It was freezing outside and my hands froze completely from the Go-Carts. I had a really hard time undoing the seat buckle.
We had a really fun time and it was nice to meet some of the people that Grant works with.