Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy 4th Honey!

Today Grant and I celebrated our 4th year Wedding Anniversary. We are trying to save money so we decided to have a pretty inexpensive anniversary this year. We started off the day by giving each other gifts.
Grant bought me Rockband but we have been playing it for a few weeks now. He didn't have anywhere to hide it and he knew I would figure it out when I looked at our bank statement online.
I bought Grant a shirt and tie to wear to work and the first Onimusha for PS2. This game came out in 2001 and Grant owned it before we got married but......... I kinda let some guy borrow it when I worked at Dillard's and he never gave it back. I felt terrible b/c this is Grant's favorite Onimusha out of all 4 of them. I've been looking online for this game and I finally was able to find a brand new one at a really good price. Grant is excited to have a copy of this game again!
*Love You*

I went to get my hair done today not knowing what I wanted done. I just let my hair dresser do whatever she wanted. She was excited. She decided to cut my hair like Jenny McCarthy!
Only I wasn't daring enough to go that short.
So....similar but a little longer!
After my hair appointment Grant and I decided to see a horror movie. To get into the Halloween spirit we picked Quarantine! It was pretty good and kinda scary.
Not very romantic, I know, but I wanted to make Grant happy too!

The rest of my blog is some engagement pictures and other pics from our beloved Wedding day!
Love you Honey!


The Stephens Family! said...

hope yall had a great day! Yall look so cute together!!!

Bri, Ash and Ty said...

Yay for anniversaries! That was fun for me to see some of your wedding pictures. : )

blaine and michelle said...

Happy Anniversary! I think we need to come play Rock Band sometime. It looks like a ton of fun.

Jana said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! :) And I really like your haircut!

Kami said...

Cute pictures! And I like the hair. It really flatters you. I'm so glad you guys got married. David and I have so much fun hanging out and stuff. Happy Anniversary.

Marilyn said...

I sent you a card, late. I can't believe how brain dead I've been lately.Hope your day was great. I love you. Your hair is cute.

Melanie said...

cute haircut. Wow 4 years, it's hard to believe!