Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lakers Game

Last night I went to my first ever live NBA game!!!  
It was the Dallas Mavericks vs. L.A. Lakers!!  Of course I was routing for the Lakers since my fiance was routing for the Lakers and I don't want any animosity between us.  Since I don't follow sports, I feel it's only best to route for the teams of my significant others.  
Anyway, so the game was totally awesome and I'm glad that I went.  I didn't want to go at first but after awhile I decided to go and support the L.A. boys.  It was an awesome experience and luckily there are several Lakers fans living in Dallas!!  It was awesome being in the same room as this amazing man....
 Kobe Bryant!!  
Unfortunately I don't know any of the other players on the team but Gasol, but that will all change in time I'm sure.  
The Lakers totally killed it last night and made the Mavericks look ridiculous.  
The final score was 115 to 89!!
Overall it was fun to experience an event that my man loves and he promised me that we'll go to The Nutcracker Ballet next time!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

A Day Of Female Pampering

I felt like it was time for some much needed female pampering today.  So I started off my day by getting my hair done, and I decided to get a new look while I was at it.
Bangs!!!  I've done the bangs before, but I decided to do them again because I really wanted something different.  
After I got my hair done I went to get my nails done too.  I love getting my nails done, but I usually save that extravagance for the holidays since it can get expensive.  
 I chose gold tips because I thought it looked festive for the upcoming Holidays!!  

I had a great day because I got pampered and I felt beautiful all day!  I got compliments everywhere I went and what woman doesn't want that?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Samba Trio

This dance was awesome!!