Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lazy And A Little Annoyed

This picture shows how I have felt about blogging lately. I wouldn't necessarily call it lazy...just not in the mood really!

I usually enjoy posting things that are on my mind or activities I've been involved with but I've been a little under the weather.

At the beginning of December I got a stomach ulcer that has caused me some nausea and tons of weight loss. I have been to the doctor twice and have had blood work done and medicine prescribed. I have been doing loads better since I've started taking meds. As for the blood results....they found nothing.

I'M FINE!!!!
This is where the annoyed part of my post comes in...
I understand that everyone is a little concerned and that they love me and want me to be healthy.
Please, Please, Please leave me alone!
Stop asking me how I'm doing....cause I'm fine!
Stop showering me with over needed hugs...I'm getting claustrophobic!
Stop telling me that I didn't eat appetite is down from the ulcer!
Stop asking how I got the ulcer...I'm not God! I don't know!

Basically what I'm trying to say is that EVERYONE is driving me crazy with concern.
I would really appreciate it if people just didn't talk to me about my ulcer unless I bring it up myself. All that matters is that I'm doing better and my appetite is starting to increase. The nausea is mostly gone. I have not thrown up once since I got the ulcer. So if I go to the bathroom after's because I'm taking a piddle!

Sorry if I have offended anyone with this post. Please just respect my wishes!
Give me my space!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my 25th birthday! Yeah!
So I'm not really feeling like celebrating my birthday this year so I don't have any fun plans. I'm probably just going to hang out with my husband and little brother. I will let you know if we really do anything fun.

My dad reminded me this morning that I'm a quarter of a century old now! Thanks dad. I already know that I'm getting old.
Grant told me that 25 is the last age you get to do anything until your a senior citizen.

At 16 you can drive.
At 18 you can vote.
At 21 you can drink.
At 25 you can rent large vehicles!
(Oh and my auto insurance goes down too)

So I guess there are some good things about officially becoming an adult!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A New Hair Cut

It is a tradition for me to get my hair done on my birthday. My birthday is on a Saturday this year and my hair stylist will be out of town that weekend so I got my hair done today! Because of the damage done to my hair back in stylist thought it would be wise to chop off as much of the dead hair as we could!
This is what we got...Not the greatest picture of me but the hair looks pretty cute. I think one side is a little longer than the other. I might have to go back and have her cut some more off the longer side. I'm excited about my new cut. It feels healthy. There are still some short layers in the back from the damage but it is less noticeable with this cut.