Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

So Grant and I are on the Activities Committee at church and we had our Halloween Party last weekend. My in-laws let us borrow their hippie costumes and I think they turned out pretty good on us!
There's the happy Couple!
So the jacket was a little big on me but I wore it anyway because Grant told me it looked fine.
So I think my husband is a handsome man......but I don't think he makes an attractive hippie! Sorry baby!
*Love you*
Me on the other hand....I think I look alright! I loved the hair. That was the best part of the costume. I loved the color and everything. People thought that it was my real hair! Maybe I should go red next time I get my hair done.....
We ate chili and drank apple cider for dinner and for dessert we had a donut eating contest.
Donuts on a string! No hands! The guy in the middle won!These are some cute decorations that the head committee lady did. She is so creative. I took some close up shots of some of the vegetable faces. I have no idea what type of vegetable this is but it was huge and it was real! Right out of the garden too!
This one is a snake!
This girl won the best costume prize!
She bought this kimono from Japan. It was gorgeous. She looks kinda funky in this picture but she looked great that evening in person!

So not that many people came but we had good food and some fun!


Marilyn said...

You look way better in that costume than I did, and let's face it no one would look good in Ken/Grant's costume, but it was pretty funny.

blaine and michelle said...

You guys look great! Sounds like it was a fun party.

Kami said...

The costumes looked great! I didn't even know that wasn't your hair until you said it wasn't.