Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I had this really weird dream last night that kinda spooked me out! What made it so spooky is the fact that it was so detailed. I left out some of the details that weren't super important but enjoy:

I had moved into a super cheap apartment with a bunch of Asian girls that didn't really speak English well. They had a bunch of cats and I thought I could handle the living situation for the sake of saving some money. I was alone in the living room watching TV when an Asian boy walked into the apartment with some fast food and beer! I knew him to be the boy friend of one of my room mates and his English was very good in comparison! He sat down next to me and started eating and drinking! He offered me some food and I politely declined! After he had drunk quite a bit, he started coming onto me! He grabbed my face and pulled me toward his own! He started kissing me and I used all my strength to get him off of me. I reminded him that he had a girl friend and that I wasn't interested. He got really giggly and leaped onto me again. This time he tried to rip my clothes off and began grabbing me inappropriately starting with my outer thigh! I was able to get away and run to my room for safety. I was really scared and grabbed my cell phone! It wasn't long and he was outside my bedroom door. He apologized and told me he would leave me alone. I decided it would be best for me to leave the apartment until my other room mates came home. I was able to pass him in the hallway and exit the apartment. I didn't know the building very well and it was really old in construction! Before I shut the apartment door, the boy called out to me and apologized again. He told me that the fastest way to get to the first floor was to go down a certain set of stairs in a certain location. I thanked him and headed toward the stairs he recommended. I started running down the stairs cause I wanted to get away from this boy as soon as possible. It wasn't long when I approached a broken section in the staircase. I could have made it but I would have needed to do some climbing and jumping! I remembered that I had passed an elevator and thought that would have been faster than the stairs in the first place! I started up the stairs again when I noticed the Asian boy coming down the stairs toward me. He had a huge vase in his hands that was filled to the brim with a steaming liquid. Realizing that I had been tricked, and that this liquid was most likely a drug so he could have his way with me, I decided my best bet was to jump and climb down the broken section of steps! I turned around and started running again. I grabbed my cell phone and started dialing 911. I approached the broken section when my jeans got caught on some debris! I struggled to free myself when I noticed the Asian boy was right behind me! I squirmed myself free when the boy poured the steaming liquid on top of me. Before long I was falling to the ground and falling into a deep sleep! The last thing I heard was the sound of the Asian boy laughing triumphantly!

Then I woke from this vivid dream!

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Kami said...

Creepy!!!! I think I would have woken up crying. Ugh! I hate bad dreams. I hope everyone being Asian wasn't influenced by me.