Monday, May 18, 2009

Thank You Freestyle

The finals just ended and it was amazing.
The night started with all 3 couples doing a Paso Doble to the same song. Everyone did great.
As I suspected, the judges were harsh on Shawn for being young and not connecting with her partner. She received a 28 out of 30 for her Paso.
Melissa did a graceful Paso and received a 29 out of 30.
Gillis of course was sexy and received a 30 for his Paso Doble.
Then came the Freestyle round! I always expect the freestyle dances to blow me away and this season they didn't.....except......
Shawn and Mark!!!
They were Outstanding. The judges loved it and so did the crowd. They received a perfect 30!! Giving them a combined score of 58 out of 60! Great job!
Melissa and Tony did a freestyle full of tricks that didn't please me or the judges. They got a 27 giving them a combined score of 56.
Gillis did a dance that wasn't really much of a dance. It didn't do anything for me and the judges were disappointed just as much as I was. They scored a 28 giving them a combined score of 58.
So that puts Shawn and Gillis at the top and Melissa close behind.
Thanks to that Freestyle....Shawn and Mark might have a chance at winning this thing!!
Fingers crossed!!!

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Kami said...

It's not done? I thought that was the finals.