Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Finals

The Finals of Dancing With The Stars is tomorrow night and I'm so excited. This has been an amazing season full of talent and surprises. My three favorite people have made it to the finals:

Shawn and Mark
Melissa and Tony

Gillis and Cheryl

I've been voting for Shawn and Mark all season but I'm afraid that the mirror ball trophy will go to either Melissa or Gillis. I'm pretty sure that they have better fan bases and the judges love them more than Shawn.

Shawn is young and I think the judges look down on that. Despite the fact that she is young I think that she has danced the best on this show this season. The athletes always do well on Dancing With The Stars. Her technique is amazing and I hope that she shines tomorrow night.

Melissa did ballet as a young girl and she has brought that technique to the competition. She is a very talented dancer but I think the trophy should go to someone that has no previous dancing experience. It would be like me going on the show with my 12 years dance experience and winning over 12 other people that have never danced before and might be twice my age. It doesn't seem fair for her to win.

Gillis would probably deserve this win the most because he is no athlete and no dancer. He won the judges' hearts from the very beginning. However, he hasn't been very versatile. He does very well on the Latin dances but his ballroom isn't very good. He does well with the sexy dances but his jive and jitter bug kind of dances are lame.

It will be exciting to see these three dancers tomorrow night! I'm hoping that Shawn with perform perfectly and that the judges will be nice and judge fairly.

Wish Shawn and Mark Good Luck for me!

You could always vote for them too: 1-800-868-3409

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Kami said...

I hope your favorites win!