Monday, March 16, 2009

Lame, Lame, Lame

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm loyal to Dancing With The Stars! Anyone who watched the last season of the Bachelor knows that Melissa Rycroft got dumped on TV after being proposed to on the show.
Melissa was a last minute replacement on Dancing With The Stars and she did really well on her waltz last week. But her Salsa tonight didn't do it for me. I decided last week that I wanted Olympic Gold medalist Shawn Johnson to win Season 8's Mirror Ball Trophy! Shawn also did the Salsa tonight and I thought it was Outstanding!!! The judges gave her 8's giving her a good score but they gave Melissa 9's for her crappy Salsa!!
This really gets under my skin because I think the whole world feels sorry for Melissa for the whole bachelor dumping crap. I also feel that the judges have pity on her for her situation and that is why they gave her a better score. Poor Shawn was told that her Salsa wasn't raunchy enough!! Give me a break!! She is 17 years old and she has probably been training to be in the Olympics since she was like probably freakin 3 years old.....not having much of a social life...therefore leaving her possibly a virgin lips!! How is a girl like that supposed to be raunchy? I thought her Salsa was great!! If I had been a 4th judge I'd have given her a "Perfect 10!"
You want to know what else I think is lame?
Gillis and Cheryl
They were the leaders last week and they are the leaders again this week. Now I don't claim to be a professional ball room dancer......BUT......I was a dancer for 12 years and I know what looks good and what doesn't......

This looks good.....but just because Gillis plays the hot, sexy neighbor in the Sex and the City movie doesn't mean he should get the good scores. He's good but not on top of the Leader Board good! That spot belongs so Shawn and Mark!!

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Kami said...

I watched a little of that show last night, but I only saw a couple dances. I can't believe what a huge deal everyone is making out of the whole Bachelor thing. Stuff like that happens all the time!