Sunday, December 20, 2009


The finale for Survivor-Samoa was tonight!
I didn't start watching this season until after it had been on for a few weeks already. The two tribes had just barely merged into one tribe when I started keeping track of the show. I grew to really like the strategic moves of one of the characters in particular. This was an amazing season. I could go on forever about everything that I witnessed but that might get long and annoying. The two tribes at the beginning of the season were Foa Foa and Galu. Galu dominated at the beginning and 8 of the original 10 merged into tribe Aiga. Team Foa Foa only had 4 left at the merge. Most would assume that those 4 measly Foa Foa's would be the first to be voted off of tribe Aiga. Those people were wrong. The strategic Foa Foa leader was able to manipulate some Galu members into voting off some from their own tribe. Week after week a Galu memeber was kicked off. To every ones amazement, 3 of the 4 Foa Foa's made it to the finale.

Russell Hantz
The most strategic player the whole season and my particular favorite,

Natalie White

The goody goody tag along, and

Mick Trimming

Mr. Nice Guy!
Russell wasn't the nicest guy at the beginning of the season. At night he liked to wreak havoc! He would burn peoples socks, spill out their water canteens and let the chickens out of the coop. But he also managed to find 3 out of 4 hidden immunity idols WITHOUT any clues! The guy was a genius! He was a jerk at the beginning but he really knew how to play the game and he made it to the top three.
So who did the jury decide deserved to win the million dollars?
I was a little upset with the outcome since she really didn't do anything for the tribe. She was an extremely weak link but the jury favored her since she didn't cause any havoc like Russell had done. But on the good side, Russell was voted on by America as the best player this season awarding him with $100,000!
This was an amazing season with lots of twists. The next Season starts in February and I can't wait. The next one is Hero's vs. Villains of past favorites from the last few seasons. Should be exciting.

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