Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Love My Girl

I love my little girl!!! I don't know what I would do without her company. Now that I'm a stay at home girl friend, I can get pretty lonely being at home alone all day. Some days I'm fine just chillin and do the cleaning but some days I get stir crazy. If it weren't for this adorable bundle of joy I would literally go insane. Carlos is currently managing 4 different locations and he travels a lot between the gyms. I figure it is just easier to let him have the car to get around and do his job.
Kittie follows me everywhere I go. I absolutely love that about her. She doesn't let me hold her in my arms or carry her, but she is a lap cat and she loves to rub her body against my legs. She is my sweetheart. I've become addicted to snapping shots of her cuteness!

There she is kickin it with me on the couch!
I love it when cats do cute positions with their bodies when they sleep!
A close up of my precious while she slumbers!
And a close up of my naughty girl exposing herself!
So in closing, I love my adorable little baby girl!
*Don't be jealous of her cuteness*

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