Friday, December 18, 2009

Iron Chef America

Carlos likes to watch the Food Channel Network sometimes and he got me into

The show originated in Japan when this rich Japanese man picked three amazing Japanese chefs to challenge other chefs from Japan and around the world.

The show was known as Iron Chef. It was later brought to America by Mark Dacascos, the nephew of the rich Japanese man above.

There are currently 6 Iron Chefs on the show!

Iron Chef Bobby Flay

Bobby is my favorite. I kinda have a crush. Nothing sexual. I just think he has a sweet face and a sweet personality. He seems like someone who would be really nice in person if you were ever to meet him.

Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto

He is one of the original Iron Chefs from Japan.

Iron Chef Mario Batali

Iron Chef Cat Cora

Carlos' favorite cause he thinks she is kinda hot.

Iron Chef Michael Symon

My other favorite cause he has a nice personality too.

and Iron Chef Jose Garces

the newest member of the cast. He just won The Next Iron Chef competition.

So basically a chef from America comes to the show to challenge the Iron Chef of their choice. Each chef then has 60 minutes to cook and plate 5 courses. There is always a secret ingredient that needs to be incorporated in each of the 5 dishes in some way. The secret ingredient could be anything as simple as sugar or something complex as eel. The chairman decides what the secret ingredient will be.

60 minutes to cook and plate 5 courses? Crazy! How do they do it? Each chef has 2 sous chefs to help with the preparation.

There are 3 judges that will award points in 3 categories: Taste, Plating, and Originality of the secret ingredient. The Iron Chef almost always wins.

Sometimes there is a twist where they will have two Iron Chefs battle each other or sometimes they will team up Iron Chefs and battle each other. It's fun. I love this show. I watch it on Sunday. It's made me want to cook more and more. Check it out! You'll love it too!

Don't watch hungry!

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Kami said...

I totally love this show too! I didn't know there were 6 Iron Chefs now. When I watched, there were only 3. I liked the Japanese one better cause it made me laugh when they did the voice overs. I always amazed at how awesome their dishes turn out in such a short time. What channel and when is it on?