Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Love Bonsai

Several months ago Carlos texted me and told me he bought a tree. I was extremely confused and didn't ask much. When I picked him up at work that day he was holding a potted juniper bush.
He was excited to tell me that he was going to make a bonsai tree for me. I was surprised to find out that he knew how to make a bonsai. I had plans to visit my sister that night so I left him alone with the bush. When I came back to see him the tree was almost done.

I was so proud of him. He worked on the tree for a few days and this is how the tree has ended up looking after he trimmed it down.

Isn't it pretty? My man is so talented!!

The night that Carlos started on the tree he told me that the tree was "Our Love Bonsai" and that we both needed to take care of it. If any of you have seen How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days...they have a love fern and it ends up dying because of neglect. Carlos took really good care of our tree until he got his promotion at work. Work became more time consuming and our tree began to die. He made me feel bad cause I wasn't taking the time to water it and give it sun. I didn't want him thinking that that was how I thought about our love so....I started to take care of it. I would put it out on the balcony and water it on my lunch break everyday. Carlos started taking care of it too. Our brown bonsai started to come to life again cause we were both taking care of it. The tree is turning green again and we are beginning to see new life on the dead branches. It is making me really happy to see it doing so well again!!

I think it is very symbolic of our love for each other. Carlos works an average of 7o hours a week and I don't get to see him nearly as much as I would like to. Sometimes I doubt that I our relationship will work. Around the time that the tree was dying was around the time I was debating on whether or not to stay with him. I care so much for him and I can't bare the thought of losing him. I feel as though my life would cease to exist if he were no longer there. He works these long hours for his son and also for me. He wants to make good money to take care of the people that are important in his life. When I came to the conclusion to be patient with him and communicate my feelings, our relationship blossomed again. Our tree turned green when our relationship grew stronger. We are both really working on being the best we can be for each other and therefore we are both working on making our tree stronger. Kinda cheesy but very true.

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Kami said...

So sweet! I have always wanted a Bonsai tree, but David says they are too much work and it would probably die. Sad huh? Maybe I'll make him read this blog post so he'll change his mind. I'm glad you and Carlos are so happy together.