Sunday, July 12, 2009

Going Bold

I'm one of those people that doesn't like to take many risks in life.
Growing up my mother always trimmed and cut my hair. I never had a stylish or fancy hairstyle when I was going to school. It's not that I didn't want to have a stylish mother was too frugal to take me to the salon. However, my sister was allowed to get professional haircuts growing up. Not sure why she was allowed to and I wasn't. Anyway...the summer after I graduated from high school my sister paid for me to have my hair cut and colored by her hair dresser. I got some layers and mild highlights. I loved my hair. I moved to Utah a year later and started going to my sisters hair dresser. I consistently got my hair layered and colored. I was too much of a wuss to bleach my hair until almost a year and half ago.
Now many of you know that I almost always get the same color and cut every time I get my hair done. I always have the swoop bang and just barley this year started getting it cut in a shorter bob. I have decided to go bold and try something completely different.

I want to get bangs that go across my forehead instead of the swooping ones.
Not only do I want to try a different haircut but I want to try a different color too. This is the really bold part since I have always done shades of blonde.
I really want to try red or auburn!!!
Relax....I'm not going red all over! I'm thinking about still going blonde but adding some red highlights to the top.

I really like the coloring in this picture but I will probably go for a color more like this...
or even this...

I'm thinking that I will still look good since I kinda have strawberry blonde hair naturally.
I'm not so sure if I will do this look yet because my hair lady is out with a new baby and I will be using someone from the salon that she recommended. I would rather be bold using a hair person that I trust. But we shall see...I'm really wanting to be different now and express myself differently. I need a change!
Will I need to color my eyebrows though?


Jana said...

I don't think you'll need to dye your eyebrows! Especially if the red is more subtle compared to the blonde. I say go for it! Hair grows and you can change the color back if you don't end up liking it! But I'd wait until your lady comes back just to be more comfortable!

Kami said...

I wouldn't dye the eyebrows. It always looks weird. I think it is pretty bold going with a new color, but I'm sure you'll look great!

Kami said...

p.s. I will take you to build-a-bear for your birthday!