Saturday, June 27, 2009

There's More

I finished my last post when I remembered General Hospital. Never watched that one either but I thought I would bring it up. A had also posted my last post when a new show came on that I thought I would mention.

Royal Pains

I watched the Pilot and it was actually good. Basically it is about a doctor, Hank, and he gets fired from his job when an influential donator of the hospital dies in Hank's care. He becomes super depressed and his fiance breaks off the engagement. His little brother comes and forces him to go to the Hamptons with him. While at some super cool party a hot sexy female gets really sick and Hank saves her. Word evidently gets around in the Hamptons and he keeps getting phone calls from rich people to come and take care of them. At the end of the episode he decides to become a concierge for the people of the Hamptons.

So even though this is just another TV series about a doctor....I think this one is different. I think I liked the pilot and just might watch this series.

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Kami said...

Hospital and Law Firms seem to be the big drama themes these days.