Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band

I have had the privilege to play both Guitar Hero
and Rock Band!

I would have to say that with my experience, Rock Band if far superior to Guitar Hero!! The guitars are more realistic with Rock Band and the song choice is way better too. Not to mention the sound quality. Carlos bought a PS3 for when his son visits and one of the games he has is Guitar Hero. Cameron has enjoyed playing it but I keep trying to get him to come with me to my little brothers to play Rock Band. He doesn't seem to want to go. I think he is scared to meet my brother or something. Maybe I will get him to go before he leaves. I know he will have fun playing. So if any of you are interested in buying one of these games...go with Rock Band. You will have loads more fun!

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Kami said...

Rock Band is so awesome! Have you seen that they are making a Rock Band Beatles and a Lego Rock Band? Pretty awesome!