Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Warning: This post might offend some of you, most likely not, but you have been warned!

Now that I am no longer a part of the Williams family I need to let off some steam. My ex-mother in-law, Marilyn, has some issues that I hope she gets over some day. Marilyn was unable to have children of her own so they adopted Grant (my ex-husband) and 3 years later they adopted Michelle. Almost any women you talk to will say that they want a little girl when they first get pregnant. There is something about women and wanting to dress up a cute little girl in pink and ribbons. Marilyn is a girly girl and she ended up adopting a girl that is far from being girly. Michelle doesn't wear makeup or do her hair. She doesn't like to go shopping or do her hair and nails. Michelle is what I like to call "Miss Granola". Not only is Michelle a Plain Jane but she is very independent. Marilyn is the type of woman that is always up in your business and wanting to do anything to help. Put these two personalities together and you get trouble. Marilyn has tried her entire motherhood life to BUY Michelle's love. While trying to buy her daughters affection, she forgot that she had a son. Grant's father, Ken, was always traveling on business so Grant never really got any real love from his parents. Ken was gone, Marilyn was off giving Michelle everything and Grant was alone. Grant had confided in me while we were married that he always felt that his mother loved his sister more. When Grant and I started dating we used to eat every Sunday dinner at his parents. Michelle was going to BYU and she would have an occasional Sunday dinner with us. Every dinner consisted of Marilyn and Nana (Grant's horrible grandmother) bragging about how wonderful Michelle was. "Michelle is so beautiful", "Michelle is so smart", Michelle this, Michelle that...blah blah blah......
I was even forced to watch a family video that Grant wasn't even in. WTF??? Did they think I was dating their daughter or their son?? I became very pissed with the 3 women in Grant's family at a very early stage in our relationship.
Grant's grandfather had been a painter when he was alive and Nana has a whole bunch of his paintings in her basement. Nana let Michelle pick a painting when she got married. Nana didn't even offer us a painting until after we had been married 4 years. Let it be known that Michelle got married only 2 months before we did. Why did it take so long for Nana to offer us a painting? Nana was obsessed with Michelle!! Her house was a shrine to Michelle. When you walked into the house is was covered in pictures of Michelle and her family. Every single room in the house had either a picture of Michelle or a picture of one of her kids. Even the fridge was covered in Michelle pictures. I went to a jewelry party at Nana's back in November and I seriously couldn't find a single picture of Grant or me. The only picture of Grant was a family photo. Nana had pictures of the neighborhood kids on her fridge but she couldn't manage to put a picture up of her grandson?? I decided to be witchy about the situation and I full out complained about it in front of the company. Marilyn felt bad and told me there were some pictures of us in the bedroom. I went in the room and only found one picture of us. A picture that I gave her!!! What a bitch!! One picture of us to the 30 of Michelle. It was ridiculous!! I stormed out of the house making a huge scene. That cunt deserved it!! (Sorry about my language, I just get really worked up about these memories)!
Marilyn spends a fortune on airplane tickets to visit Michelle and her family. She would go for weeks at a time several times a month. Grant and I only got invited for Sunday dinner about once a month. Pretty screwed up if you ask me. Marilyn has a blog that she only ever talks about Michelle and the grand kids. It is freakin ridiculous if you ask me. Her precious son just got a divorce and the only thing she can blog about is how her perfect daughter is living in Utah again. You wouldn't even know that she has a son. Grant is nothing to this woman and I despise her for that. Michelle will never be that dependent girly girl daughter that Marilyn wants so she should start giving more love and attention to her son that is more deserving of her affection. Even though Grant and I are no longer together I still love and care for him. I only want the best for him cause he is a wonderful person. I hope he finds a really great woman to marry and I REALLY hope his mother and grandmother start treating him better.
I could go on for hours about this family and boy do I have several stories to tell but I will leave this post as it is. I think you can get the point though. I have decided that when I marry again, my husband and I will only have one child. That way we only have to give our love to one child and not worry about dividing the love equally!

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