Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Paso and Waltz

I was so excited to watch last nights Dancing With The Stars because they were doing 2 of my favorite dances: Paso Doble and Viennese Waltz. However, I was somewhat disappointed with the dances last night. I didn't like ANY of the Paso Doble's that were performed. The songs that were picked didn't do it for me. If I had to pick a Paso that I liked I would pick Melissa and Tony's Paso Doble. The song they danced to was Poker Face by Lady GaGa which happens to be one of my favorite songs currently but the band performing it was horrible and didn't do the song justice. Tony did some amazing choreography but Melissa made too many mistakes for the dance to be perfect. For such difficult choreography I think she did a great job and that is why I preferred their dance over Gillis and Cheryl's.
Gill and Cheryl performed an almost perfect Paso Doble but the only thing I liked about their Paso was Cheryl's costume. The song and the choreography did not meet my expectations.
Overall I was disappointed with the Paso Doble's that the stars performed last night.

The Viennese Waltz's from last night appealed to me more than the Latin round. Again I was not completely satisfied with the waltz's. My favorite was actually Lil'Kim and Derek.
She is really starting to grow on me. Looking at her in the this picture makes her look scary but she seems to have this really bubbly sweet personality on the show and I hope she does well. She didn't impress me much at the beginning of the competition but she is one of my favorites now. Not only did she perform my favorite waltz last night...but she performed my second favorite Argentine Tango last week.

Shawn and Mark are still my favorite couple but they really need to step it up a bit.

They did a really good but simple waltz last night. Let's just hope they start shining above the others!!

Even though Steve-O and Lacey aren't doing well in the competition....they did a really precious Viennese Waltz last night and I'm proud of him.

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