Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Argentine Tango

I became a huge fan of the Argentine Tango last week on Dancing With The Stars! I've never gotten into the Tango before but the Argentine Tango is awesome. What is the difference? I don't really know except that the dancers were allowed to do lifts with the Argentine Tango. Lifts really add to the dance. I enjoyed all the Tango's that were performed last week except one: Holly Madison who ruined the dance! However, the dance was redeemed when Gillis and Cheryl performed their perfect Argentine Tango which was super HOT!!
I have a Latino friend who offered to teach me the tango. I'm super excited!
Tomorrow the Stars will be performing the Paso Doble

And the Viennese Waltz
These are two of my favorite dances in the whole competition so tomorrow should be a great show. I can't wait. What makes me even happier is the fact that Holly and Steve both got kicked off last week in the double elimination! How exciting is that? It's amazing!! Some of the stars that are still in the competition aren't all that great but they either have a great personality or something about them that makes them enjoyable to watch. So tomorrow shouldn't be too painful for the eyes! I'm excited for this show tomorrow. I will keep everyone posted!

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Kami said...

Yeah for losers being kicked off!