Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Inbox Message

I love this screen when there is a little red 1 next to my inbox!! That means that John Doe has a message for me. Remember John Doe? I talked about him back in February.
Well, we are still talking of the possibilities of getting together. He plans of coming to Houston sometime this year to see me. We haven't decided what we will do when he gets here but we will at least see if there is anything between us still. I'm really excited but really nervous at the same time. I don't know when he will come either. He hasn't decided yet. It's still a little early to see if anything will happen. At least we have plenty of good conversations.
You have no idea what that red 1 does to me when I see it!!!
I get all flush and a little shaky. I sometimes get a nice tingling sensation down in my feminine area. I usually can't help but smile when I read his messages. I'm just glad that things are looking pretty good at this point. I sure love that little red 1!!

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Kami said...

You're so cute! This blog reminded me of how I felt when I got text messages from Dave when we were dating and engaged. Ahhhh...good times.