Friday, April 30, 2010

Dear Journal

I was noticing how pathetic it was that I only had 4 (5 including this one) posts for the month of April. I've been MIA for most of the month and this is why...

My mom introduced me to the diary/journal writing world when I was a young girl. I would have to say that I was elementary age and just learning how to write. My mom would set up different stations for us kids to visit after church on Sunday's in order for us to keep the sabbath day holy as a family. Some of the stations consisted of listening to tapes that told stories of honesty, watching film strips made by the church, coloring and writing in our journals. I became addicted to writing in my diary and would write everyday. Most of the things I wrote about were boys that I was crushing on at the time. As I got older I started writing about experiences I was having. Life started to get stressful and busy and my journal writing became less and less. I still tried to write in my journal at least once a month. It wasn't until after I got married that I stopped writing in my journal completely. I found that I only wrote in my journal when I felt I had no one to talk to.

At the beginning of March I was having a troubling day and I didn't have anyone to turn to. A crisis in my personal life was really getting to me and I had to let off some steam and let my emotions flow somewhere. I decided that the best solution at the time would be to write it all down and hence.....I started another journal. I've become addicted again and I don't won't to get out of this habit again. I'd forgotten how therapeutic it is to write in a journal. Carlos would always get mad at me when I would write about our relationship in my blog. My response to him would always be that my blog was like a journal and I needed a place to share my thoughts. He didn't like that idea and would get on my case regularly. Now I'm beginning to see where he was coming from. Some things are just too personal to be sharing to the world. So why I've been away from the blogging world I've been writing in my journal.


Kami said...

Amen to that! I love keeping a journal. I've been keeping one since Dave and I were dating. It is super theraputic! I also love keeping up with my blog as well. I've been turning my blogs into books, and it's really nice to have both. I share thoughts and things on my blog, but my true feelings and personal thoughts are in my journal. I hope you keep it up! You're kids will appreciate it some day. Also, if you ever need to vent to someone who cares and won't judge, you can always shoot me an email or something. I'm always willing to listen and sympathize with my friends.

Melanie said...

I never really got into journal writing and any that I did have were just filled with lusty feelings for boys I had at the time, so my husband made me get rid of them all when we got married, lol. i kind of regret not writing down more about when I was pregnant with my kids, and even about things Zoey did as a baby, but I pretty much post all the important things I want to remember in facebook, since I can control who sees what, I use it as my journal.