Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a Memory

There was a guy I went to high school with that was...a little slow. I think he had a crush on me but I was never interested in him. He always would come up to me and give me a hug. I was always nice to him and would hug him back and chat for a bit. After high school, he got a job at the grocery store close to my home. He always came up to me and hugged and talked with me when he saw me in the store.
When I moved back to Texas, my mom and I went to the grocery store together to get some stuff. She told me that the slow guy from high school still worked at the store. I had actually forgotten about him and we didn't end up seeing him that day.
My mom left for Pennsylvania today and I decided to help my dad out by doing the grocery shopping. While I was shopping, I saw the "slow guy" and finally remembered who my mom was talking about. I ignored him at first and kept on walking but I noticed that he was following me. He finally caught up with me and gave me a hug. He said, "It's Kristin, right?" I couldn't believe it!!! If it wasn't for his name tag, I wouldn't have remembered his name at all. Can you believe that after 7 years he still remembered my name? We were never friends in school or anything. I was just some pretty girl that was nice to him. I'm still in shock that he remembered my name! We talked for a few minutes and he showed me a picture of his fiance. I wasn't surprised that he recognized me, but I am surprised that he remembered my name. Crazy! I can say that this small event really made my day!

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Kami said...

Wow! You must have really made some sort of impact on him for him to remember you. I see people from HS once in a while, and I can't remember their names at all, so sad.