Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dinner with Grandma & Grandpa

Three Sundays ago Grant and I went to Tooele to have dinner with my grandparents. Despite the fact that they live here in Utah, we don't go often enough to visit them. My sister and her husband and kids also came for dinner. It was a pretty relaxing day and we were able to visit with loved ones!My Grandma got this nose warmer from a friend in Alaska. Looks kinda like a clown nose. Grant still looks cute to me!
My niece, Kaelynn, and my nephew, Braeden, helped Grandma pick tomatoes for the salad!
We had a delicious dinner. I personally ate several rolls. Kaelynn wanted to pose for the camera. She is so cute!*Screams*
This is her scary face!
I wanted to get some pictures of Braeden but he wouldn't work with me. He just wanted to eat his dinner in peace. I still think he looks super handsome!
Landen is my sister's baby. He is so precious. I tried to get some pictures of him smiling but this was the closest I could get. Pretty darn cute if you ask me!
After dinner we played in my Grandma's beautiful backyard. The weather was perfect. Not too warm and not too cool! Braeden liked the horsey next door.
PS It is really a donkey but Braeden wouldn't hear of it!I liked the archway in the garden. Too bad it wasn't covered in vines and flowers.
I finally snuck a shot of my Grandpa!

After eating good food, conversing and burning calories we went home. Grant and I both had to wake up early for work the next day! All in all it was a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon!


Jenny Lynn Furr said...

fun! I love old people! Your sister's kids are growing so big. You look gorgeous in that arch picture. Me and Justin miss playing games with you guys. Stop by sometime.

blaine and michelle said...

I can't believe how big Becky's kids are getting. They are so cute. It looks like you had a great time. It's always nice to be around family.

Marilyn said...

Those kids are so darling. I miss getting to see them.