Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cabin Trip

On September 5-7 Grant and I were at a Cabin in Timber Lakes located east of Heber City. Here is a list of the cast and their relationships to me:
  • Kristin: Me
  • Grant: My Sexy Husband
  • Ken: Grant's dad
  • Marilyn: Grant's mom
  • Nana: Grant's grandmother
  • Corinne: Marilyn's bff
  • Kevin: Corinne's hubby
Marilyn rented this cabin for 2 nights and invited all of us to come. It was really fun and I would love to do it again some day. My first thoughts when we arrived at the cabin were, "Oh my gosh! What am I going to do without my Nintendo Wii this weekend? I should have had Grant pack it for me!"
Beautiful nature and family/friends entertainment were an excellent substitute for my wii hunger and I ended up not missing it.These are some pictures of our living quarters.
Marilyn and Ken's bed.
Nana's bed.
Grant and I slept upstairs in the loft. I felt like I was walking into Snow White and the Seven Dwarf's cottage. There were several beds in the loft. Originally Kevin and Corinne were going to sleep in the living room in the hide-a-beds, but Grant and I decided to be generous and allow them to sleep in one of our beds upstairs. Aren't we sweet? (Good thing for ear plugs or I wouldn't have slept a second between Grant and Kevin snoring in unison).

This is a singing deer head that was located in the loft. Grant accidentally recorded it horizontal and we can't flip it. You'll have to enjoy it sideways! Sorry! P.S. There were several songs but I liked this one the best!

We went on a few hikes to look at some other cabins and enjoy the fresh air. Here are some pictures of our first hike!
This was the cabin across the street from us. It had these huge antler chandeliers that were beautifully lit up at night. The people at this cabin weren't so nice though. They were playing music really loud and we could here it from inside our cabin. "Noise pollution", Marilyn and Corinne kept saying about them. Grant noticed they were drinking as we were leaving!
No respect!
This was our favorite cabin. It wasn't too small and it wasn't too big. It was just right. We went right up to it and looked inside to check out the interior. It was beautiful!
Grant and me by this huge cabin! This cabin had a nice interior too!Some dogs we saw along the way!
Here are some other cabins we saw on our hike! There were several nice cabins, but I only took a few pictures. I only posted the pictures that looked good! After our hike we all had a turn on the zip line, took showers and then we ate lunch!! Hamburgers....mmm...yummy! Ken bumped his bum kinda hard on the ground when he zip lined and he ended up cutting his bum and it bled! Poor Daddy Ken!Zip line time!
Here is Ken cooking the burgers. Bet he doesn't know I took this picture!?Look at us waiting for the food to be done. Are the burgers done yet? Hurry up Ken!
After we ate lunch we played games. We watched movies too. Kevin and Corinne were hilarious while we watched Young Frankenstein on Saturday night. Kevin even got out of bed to come watch. They sure loved quoting lines from that movie. "Taffeta darling, taffeta!"

We went on a second hike after we ate and played a game.
This cabin was huge but if you look closely you can see that the posts aren't level. Not very safe if you ask me!I loved how this cabin was surrounded by all the pretty aspen trees.
We found a nice spot to take some pictures. Look at the pretty Blondie's!!
Ken and Marilyn
Kevin and Corrine.
You can't tell in this picture but Kevin has great calf muscles!
Good job Kevin!
I'm alone because Grant was napping during our second hike! :-(
This was MY favorite cabin. It was cute and it had this adorable little pond in front of it. The awesome part about this cabin was it had this super cute spiral staircase leading to the loft.
The adorable little pond.*Just for laughs*
We found this pair of panties outside one of the cabins.......
After the hike I woke Grant up and had him push me on the horse swing. It was fun but I was a little scared that I would get out of control (Grant was pushing me a little hard) and hit one of the trees between the swing.Grant and me swinging on the porch.
I think this is our cabins gas tank. I just thought it was cute enough to be
featured in my blog.

On Sunday we had our own church service. Kevin was our announcer, Grant and Marilyn gave talks, Ken shared spiritual thoughts and Corinne and Nana bore their testimonies. Thankfully, I was just a listener in the congregation!! I didn't even have to pray! Go me!

For the most part we just ate good food, watched fun movies, hiked and slept. It was so much fun. I can't wait to do it again!
The rest of the pictures are just misc. pics that I took.
By the front door of the cabin.The Deer Head right side up.
Pretty scenery....
...and extra pictures of our cabin!

*I personally want to thank Marilyn for inviting us and providing yummy sustenance*


Kristin said...

I wanted to post this sooner but due to complications it posted a little late!

Marilyn said...

I loved the pics. Thanks for posting them. You took more pics than I did. It was really fun wasn't it? I guess we should do it again asap.

blaine and michelle said...

That looks like so much fun. I'm sorry we missed it! That's my kind of camping.

Kami said...

Looks like fun! I loved all the pics.