Thursday, November 4, 2010

English Neoclassical Style Furniture

My furniture board was due last Wednesday and I have yet to receive my grade on it. My teacher was going to give us our boards and grades back yesterday, but the pouring down rain kept her from taking them out of her home. I'm hoping the weather will be nice next Monday so the teacher can give them back to us...I'm eager to know what my grade is.

We were all assigned different furniture styles that we were supposed to research and decorate a room around. We then had to pick 4 pieces of furniture; one had to have upholstery; and we had to have a sample of the wood used from that time period.

I was given English Neoclassical which was approximately from 1760-1820 when George the III came to the throne. The Neoclassical time period also falls in the Late Georgian Period. The 3 most well known designers/architects/cabinet makers of this time period were Robert Adam, George Hepplewhite, and Thomas Sheraton.
During the Neoclassical Era, the designers started going away from cabriolle legs and using straight lines instead. This is an Adam Style Dining Chair; Adam was known for his use of ovals, circles, columns and urns. I chose this oval back dining chair for the dining room I designed. For the upholstery I chose a light blue damask since blue was a popular color used in the neoclassical era and damask was a popular texture.

I chose a Sheraton Style Dining Table. Even though cabriolle legs were going out of style at this time, they still used a slight curve with some of their legs.

Both my Serving Table and China Cabinet are Hepplewhite Style. Hepplewhite and Sheraton had very similar styles and it was hard to distinguish which one did what but there were some slight differences; mostly in the direction they carved their wood.

Hepplewhite was most well known for his "shield shaped" chair back. Sheraton did more of a square shaped back.
All four of my pieces are mahogany which was the primary wood choice of the neoclassical time period.

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Kami said...

Sounds like a tough time period to research for furniture. You did a great job though.