Friday, November 28, 2008

Feasting With Family

Grant and I went to his parents house for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. It is always fun to be with family and eat good food. My mother-in-law is a fabulous cook and I had been looking forward for her cooking all week. And to my expectations, the food was delicious!
The gorgeous table we ate at!Grant and I helped prepare some of the food.
Here is Grant picking at the turkey remains!Still picking at the carcass!
This is my plate of yummy Thanksgivingness!Grant's plate all piled into a mess!
Grant's Pumpkin Pie.....
and his Razelberry pie covered in vanilla ice cream!
Since I don't like pie I had my own SPECIAL dessert...
A bowl full of Fun Size candy bars!!!! Yipee!
Because he's cute......we took a picture of Cubby!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and I hope everyone else had one too!


Marilyn said...

Super cute post! Also, you have new background and stuff. Looks really good!!

Kami said...

Fun! I love Thanksgiving!